who we are

This isn't any city. This is Los Angeles.

LA is people and places and passion and pride.
Any respect given, must be earned.

You show up with a dream.
Then work hard to make it come true.

So, we fight. 
Every practice.
Every play.
Every single yard.
On every field.
In every neighborhood. 
For all of LA.

We wear LA on our chest.
We fight for it with our heart. 



Q   • What does it mean to join this wait list?

By joining the wait list, you are placing a refundable $100 deposit to set up an account and secure your opportunity to buy season tickets for the Los Angeles Chargers in the world-class new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park. Your deposit is fully refundable, so there’s no risk to join the wait list.

Q   • Does joining the wait list “guarantee” me the opportunity to buy season tickets for games at StubHub Center, the team’s temporary home?

Since we do not yet know whether additional season ticket inventory will be available at StubHub Center we are unable to guarantee seat availability for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons. However, there is no risk to placing a deposit to join the wait list: it is fully refundable.

Q   • Is the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park going to have a personal seat license program (PSL)?

A PSL program has not been set or announced at this time. But, we do anticipate the majority of the seats, if not all, will require some type of a seat license with different price categories based upon seating locations and amenities.

Q   • Where will the team play prior to the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park being completed?

The team’s temporary home in Los Angeles is the StubHub Center.

Q   • Will my deposit earn interest?

No, the deposits will not earn interest, but they are fully refundable.

Q   • How do I update my information if it changes?

After signup, please submit here the name of your account, email address and confirmation number along with exactly the information you would like to update and you will receive confirmation of your update via email.

Q   • Is there anyone to contact if I have other questions about signing up on the list?

If you have any questions directly related to signing up for the wait list, please submit your questions here and a Chargers representative will contact you promptly.

Q   • What if I don’t want to put any money down now?

You can sign up below for more information and updates from the team as they become available. Please keep in mind the priority to purchase tickets is based on timestamp of the deposit and the $100 is fully refundable, should you decide not to proceed after reviewing the opportunity.


The Chargers at StubHub Center will be a one-of-a-kind, up-close experience.

Every seat will feel close to the action.


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